In case you have never signed up for a web hosting account or you’re switching companies and the new one employs an account administration console that you haven’t seen before, you may get perplexed about how to accomplish a specific operation in your account or on your desktop PC. Because of this, a lot of hosting companies have prepared a knowledge base, which enumerates the most common enquiries and issues associated with their platform, instead of adding only some general information. This type of knowledge base will help you find the needed information swiftly and easily, so you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort on issues that might require something as simple as pressing a button or checking off a tickbox. Thus, not only can you get things done, but you can also acquaint yourself with a ton of new and beneficial things, both about the way you can manage your account and about the way the hosting service functions in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Hosting

If you get a cloud hosting account from us, you will gain access to our exhaustive online documentation where you will find info on pretty much everything connected to our hosting solutions. The topics vary from how to set up an e-mail account on your smartphone, to how to accomplish various things using an .htaccess config file. The articles themselves are written in an easy-to-grasp way and include comprehensive guidelines on how to carry out a specific operation inside your Hepsia Control Panel. You can also find information that’s not connected directly with Hepsia, for instance one that concerns web-based applications on your personal computer. The entire collection of articles will be available in the Help section of the Control Panel, but the ones that are relevant to a specific section can be accessed on the spot. Since we have encompassed as many topics as possible, you’ll be able to become aware of de facto everything connected to your hosting account.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Help section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included in our semi-dedicated service, will permit you to access the in-depth online support documentation that we have compiled for you. The articles themselves include general info about our services, instructive guides about the different functions that you can access, as well as troubleshooting instructions that can help you resolve common problems that you may chance upon. The topics that we’ve included cover de facto everything, from easy things such as how to host a new domain in the account, to more complex ones such as which SSH commands are permitted on the semi-dedicated servers. Articles that are dedicated to the features of a particular section of the Control Panel will always be available on the right side of the page that you are on, whilst the complete article collection can be accessed through the dedicated Help section.